Surprise party

At just 60 years of age, Andrés Cárdenes has shaken the world of musical performance and education. This graphic was used to bookend a surprise happy-birthday video compiled by his friends and family.


This is a brand new logo for the Cleveland Teaching Fellowship, a partnership between Cleveland State University and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. This graphic will see publication on mixed media from digital to clothing.

Animated, because why not.



PRTV Throwback

This is a piece made for no reason at all other than I thought the photo was interesting. Made in After Effects, total throwback to hours and hours spent with PRTV.

Machine Test

Working on shooting a collection of machines for a compilation. Here's one shot that makes the cut. Might have to improve on the shutter sync. The projector is old and far from precise.

More of Before

I went to get a few time lapses a few days ago. In addition to the previously posted incline video, here are a few more from that day, merged to one sequence.

New business

New projects are coming up. For now, a handful of short time lapses. The sun never broke through the clouds, but you can always work around it.

New Business

A frame grab from my most recent collaboration with musician Adam Janssen. Very easy guy to work with. A short series of songs will be live just in time for Christmas.


It's a kitty cat. It's hard getting used to a Wacom tablet, but it simplifies a handful of click-drag mouse issues.